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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry if I haven't posted anything for quite a while but I honestly wasn't in the mood for introducing anything to you at the moment. I'm thinking about so many stuff at the same time that my head is just a complete mess; I'm sure all of you understand this feeling. When you've got some stuff to worry about, when your mind is full of doubts and you don't know where to turn and you just need to make yourself a warm cosy nest where you can stay into without thinking about any other thing.

So, I came up with a question. What does happiness mean for you? How do you deal with daily problems? Do you keep your head up and keep on doing your best to reach the perfect life? Or do you get crushed and the only thing that can make you feel better is... oh wait for it... yes, something funny to do or even someone to talk to?

Personnally, I don't really know that much about this part of myself. I think I'm actually trying very hard to stay positive; altought I obviously fail this goal from time ... to time (or more often you know, it depends). I think it might be a good idea to share our ideas of happiness and ways of not letting go. I would be thrilled if you told me more about your way of dealing with that stuff!

Have a good day/night/whatever! Talk to you very soon, bye bye. =)


  1. Ho, qu'est ce qui ne va pas?

    Pour moi le bonheur c'est simplement avoir le sourire collé aux lèvres pour de petites choses, j'ai pas d'explication vraiment précise.
    Mais quand ça ne va pas, je me force à aller vers les autres pour parler, même pour ne rien dire car ça me change les idées. Parfois je me laisse totalement aller à ma tristesse et je joue les émo aussi x) Mais bon, c'est mieux d'aller emmerder mes amis et rire autour d'un verre ^^

    Aller petite Lisa, j'espère que ce coup de mou passera vite !


  2. Yesterday evening, an awesome man told me these words:

    "the most important thing is that you're ok and happy, you're happy and smile right? :)"

    I know it seems to be nothing special, but it deeply touched me. So I would tend to tell you that my happiness comes from a smile,from some words, from a ray of sunshine, from all these little things which make life that beautiful!
    In my opinion, I used to feel terrible too often, and during a long period of time. First it was a travel, the most amazing of my short life, which learned to 'keep smiling forever',as they said! It was both simple and absolutely awesome! It became rooted in my spirit, and I hope I will never forget them all, all these warriors of light! That's the key of happiness, of mine at least!

    Hugs sweetie!! :)