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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Machine Head, the band of my life!

   Hi everyone,

   I hope you're doing fine... I know I haven't posted anything for quite a long time now, but I've been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days. This bloody sad weather is really starting to get me depressed and I've got so many things to study in German that the pressure keeps growing. Right now I feel so pissed off that I felt the urge to jot down some words in order to shrugg all that pressure off. So what will be our topic today (or tonight if you prefer)? Well, it's gonna be about my favourite band ever, aka Machine Head!

   I reckon I've known them since 2007. From then on, they always have this special place in my heart that no other band could ever fill. I discovered the Californian band with their album "Through the Ashes of Empire" that is still my favourite Machine Head record so far. When I listened to it for the very first time, I really can say that I was (deeply) feeling every single emotion that the music was displaying such as anger, longing, strength and even sadness.

   I won't lie by saying that I'm an absolute fan of everything they've created. No, not at all! They've done some marvelous albums such as Burn my Eyes, Through the Ashes of Empire or recently The Blackening.... but they've also tried some new things which I don't especially like (Supercharger or their latest album : Unto the Locust. Some songs in this one are actually the shit, but let's say some others are not really my cup of tea).

   If you know me personnally, you probably know already that I say quite often that Machine Head is the "band of my life", which is totally true. And I'm sure that you would understand why. With Machine Head, the thing is that I've been through a lot of rough stuff so far; and everytime I would listen to them. I wouldn't say that their music helped me getting better, at least not directly. But they certainly gave me the strength to fight... to keep my head up and not to give in to sadness. So to me, Machine Head means that I mustn't let bullies or life tear me apart and that I have to be a strong woman. And that's what I'm telling myself every morning and what I'm trying to achieve every single day!

   Machine Head doens't only means their music to me. Above all, they represent the inner force that lies inside of each of us; the strength to live, the strength to fight, the strength not to let go! That's why, as some people and I are used to saying : "Machine fucking Head 'till I'm fucking dead"!

   I'd be delighted to know what's the "band of your life" anyway. =) Have a good evening and talk to you soon!


  1. Ha, ça fait plaisir de voir un nouvel article, ça faisait longtemps.
    N'oublie pas que si tu as besoin de parler ou de te défouler, je suis là, à n'importe quelle heure du jour ou de la nuit (oui, bon, parfois je dors aussi hein), courage pour allemand, je t'envoie toutes mes ondes positives !

    The band of my life? Cocorosie !

  2. Such a shitty band to me :/