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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Black Swan

Hi everyone,

How are you today? I wasn't sure of what I wanted this article to be about until a few days back when I got the Black Swan dvd. I absolutely love this movie; I even think it's my favourite of the year so far.

Right from the start, the trailer totally amazed me since let's face it, the casting is excellent (especially Nathalie Portman I must admit). The more I see of her, the more I find she's such a wonderful actress; and her performance in this movie simply blew me away! Firstly, she performs all the choregraphies herself and God knows how ballet is hard to dance properly... and the result took my breath away. I used to dance ballet as well when I was younger but I dropped off since I incessantly had the feeling that I couldn't fit in with all those skinny girls; that's why the concept of the movie (and the way it shows how a passion can totally destruct you mentally and physically) immediately struck a nerve to me.

I strongly recommend this movie to you if you like Darren Aronnofsky (Requiem of a Dream), drama, ballet, and thillers. Then you won't be disappointed. If you saw it, feel free to tell me what you actually think of it! :)

Have a good time! :)

PS: I almost forgot to mention the make up that is merely incredible, especially the final ones emphasising the duality (the black swan vs the white swan) in Nina. I think I'll try to recreate them both one day but I have absolutely no idea when it's gonna happen.

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