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Monday, August 1, 2011

L'huile prodigieuse de Nuxe

Hi guys,

I hope you're doing fine. I'm gonna talk about a product I discovered recently when I decided two months ago to try out the brand Nuxe. I was purchasing some medication at the pharmacy (as everyone does, I know) and I saw on the counter a "travel bag" from this brand. This contained five miniatures of Nuxe's best sellers ever (a makeup remover, a hand cream, a face cream, a shower soap and a multi use oil)... and only for 9,90e. I then took this perfect opportunity to test the products and I must say the one I liked the best was obviously their 'dry' oil for face/body/hair called "Huile prodigieuse" which is simply amazing!

I haven't tried it on my body nor on my hair (yet) since I already have got other products for this purpose, but I fell in love with this product thanks to the way it makes my skin look beautiful. I always knew that oil was good for the skin but I was afraid to put some on my face since I have combination to oily skin. So basically, l'Huile Prodigieuse is perfect for every single skintone: it will moister dry skins and re-balance combination to oily skins. Just be careful when applying it because a very little amount of product is needed. Personnally I like to use it once a week (keep in mind that it is still oil and that applying it every day could make your skin look oilier... which is obvioulsy not what you want) before going to bed. Then I wash my face the morning after and my skin looks smooth and pretty.

I really recommend you this product. The normal packaging (100 ml I think) will cost you around 25e. I wouldn't call that cheap, but not expensive either since you really do not need a lot of product to do you whole face.

Have you ever tried out this product? Would you like to? Tell me what you think about it! :)
Have a good day and see you soon. Cheers!


  1. Aaaah, je suis contente alors si elle te plaît! =) Je l'adore en tout cas!