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Monday, October 24, 2011

The perfect week!

Hi guys,

I'm back after an extremely busy week, but I actually had so much fun that I just must share a few things with you. Well, long story short, I went to visit one of my best friend ever who's living near Strasbourg. I must say that I absolutely love Alsace, its lovely houses and its breathtaking landscapes; but the main reason we drove for more than 400 km was that we were supposed to attend Pain's show at "La Laiterie" in Strasbourg.

That's right, I said supposed. Once we arrived near the venue, the car simply broke down before a crossroads. My friend and I started laughing, and I don't even know why... probably because freaking the hell out wouldn't have helped us to get out of that mess. We stayed there around half an hour until someone finally came to rescue us. We missed the whole show of Turmion Kätilöt (well, not exactly the whole show, we were able to see one song live. How awesome is that!) and were pretty pissed off at every single thing occurring around us; but the feeling went away after some time.

As far as Pain's show is concerned, I must admit that I was kinda worried when I saw Peter and David entering the stage totally loaded. When then started with 'Let me out!', I was even telling myself 'Oh my God, I drove 400 km to see them perform a drunk/hangover show' but they actually coped pretty well to struggle with the pain (they must be used to it). I didn't check the setlist because I wanted to 'feel the surprise' and wow, I deeply felt it. What I like about Pain is that you can enjoy their music headbanging, jumping and as far as I'm concerned, dancing. The whole show ended up being a total party with lots of dance, people banging their heads and hysterical screams (and it was awesome)! We had the opportunity to meet Peter after the show since only a few  people were remaining in front of the venue. It was short, but it's always a great pleasure to meet such an wonderful artist. We definitely shoud have attented their show in Antwerp as well but hey, it doesn't really matter anyway.

But Strasbourg is also a interesting city for a girl, as a huge make up geek, I had to visit at least one of the four Sephora in the city and I deeply fell in love with Bobby Brown. As high end brands like Chanel, their products are kinda expensive, but really worth the saving! I just can't wait until the Bobby Brown shop opening in Brussels in November (whaaat? my wallet doesn't agree with me?!).
I also had to purchase the latest Machine Head album, which I'll talk about in another post. I also bought some fake blood since we were going to attend a (in advance) Halloween party in the evening (total mess, we couldn't even reach for a bloody drink, no need to say that we left the 'party' early). And finally, I really needed a tiara, since I would like to recreate Black Swan's makeup for Halloween (the true one this time). I found one in Claires for 12e and I'm so looking forward to be next week! =p

Well, I think that this post is getting pretty long and boring so I'll end it right now. Let me know what you thought about it and talk to you very soon my friends! =)

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