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Monday, January 30, 2012

Face primers

   Hello everyone,

   I hope you're doing fine. I am, actually, now that I'm done with my January exams. I have no idea of the results for now, although I've got a positive feeling about it. Cross your fingers for me, please. Hahaha

   So today we're gonna talk about face primers in general and more specificly about the ones that I've personnally tested so far. To start off, I wouldn't say that a primer is extremely important; if you take good care of your skin on a daily basis, you should be able to get rid of the imperfections bothering you and therefore having a perfectly healthy skin. 'What do all these kinds of primers exist then, what's the point of owning one?', you're gonna ask me (tehehe I saw you coming). Well, the aim of putting a primer is to make your base (so basically your foundation and stuff) stay on all day long (or at least longer than if you don't have any). If your foundation already stays on all day long and you don't have any problem with excess of oil or patches of dryness, you can easily skip this part. But if you do, keep on reading!

   The most important thing not to get lost in this tremendous amount of primers types, you need to consider what you want to improve in your skin. If you have really dry skin, choose a moisturizing primer that will prevent your base to irritate your skin. If you have oily skin, choose a rather oil-free primer that will absorb the oil excess. If you have combination skin, you can go for a classic primer (an oil-free primer will make your skin produce more oil that it actually does... and you definitely don't wanna this) or a glowing primer (what I personnally have, I'll talk about it later) if you like that glowing effect on your skin and aren't keen on a matte like a mask face!

   The first primer that I tried was the MAC Prep and Prime one. I only had some samplers of this, but it was enough for me to notice... no difference at all. I could build the product on (which I wouldn't recommand as far as primers are concerned), my foundation wouldn't stay put longer on my face throughout the day!

   The second that I tried was the Bare Minerals Oil Free primer... at first I was amazed by the concept of the product and I was totally convinced that this was the one for me.... WRONG! After having used it for a few times, I noticed no incredible difference in comparison to the MAC one (so basically without it as well). But the thing that really got on my nerves was the fact that it made me breakout like no other product. It was hideous! I suppose this is due to the huge amount of silicone contained in the formula. It retails at 25e for 30 ml I totally don't recommand this product to you either! 

   Then I've tried the new MAC one (still in sampler): Fortifying Skin Enhancer which is an illuminating primer. I liked it but I wouldn't say that I loved it. Firstly, I hated the texture that was so thick. With this product, you really need to 'warm' it between your fingers before applying it to your face; otherwise it won't work at all. Secondly, the result when applied is merely scary. Depending on the colour or the primer you chose, your face becomes utterly shining and of the same colour (in my case, lilac pink...ugh). Fortunately, it all disappears when you apply your foundation and I must say that with this primer, mine stayed a few hours more (which was great... although I still had to repowder at least once). About the glowing effect...hmmm I didn't notice it once the foundation blended over it... so I would say it's a rather good primer, but not for the glowing effect expected!

   And here's finally my favourite one. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance. First thing to say, it's rather pricey (39e but for 50ml, which is huge compared to the other ones) but in my opinion is really worth the saving. I love the texture, which is so thin and easy to apply and blend onto your face. It gives your skin a healthy and glowing look (not glittery like a disco ball as with the MAC one). And above all, it makes your base stay all day frigging long! I couldn't believe it. Even after more that 12 hours with my makeup on (which was kinda of a big evening, I agree) and having sweated because of the heat in the room... everything stayed put while giving me this amazing healthy and glowing effect. I didn't even take my compact powder in order not to be tempted to do some touch ups... and I didn't have to! So yes, it is pricey, but I'm really in love with this product (I must say that I'm in love with Laura Mercier brand in general :p).

   So I hope this article has been helpful for you. Tell me what you think about it in the comment section below.
   I wish you a great day and talk to you very soon! =D


  1. Ha je n'avais jamais essayé ça ! En général je met juste un tout petit peu de fond de teint sans rien en dessous (à vrai dire j'essaie de mettre le moins de fond de teint possible :/)

    Mais avec les soldes, je me suis laissée tentée par un produit de la marque Bourjois (même si je ne suis pas une grande fan de la marque)c'est la base lissante Flower Perfection et j'en suis plutôt satisfaite pour le moment.

    J'ai envie d'essayer les produits MAC maintenant :D

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