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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

   Hi everyone,

   I hope you're doing great. My exam session at university has officially started; I've already taken five out of twelve, sooo this means I still have seven to sit. Cross your fingers for me!

   Today I'm gonna write about a whole range of brushes that litterally changed my life (who said I was a drama queen totally got me right)... Ladies and gentlemen (why not?), please welcome the Real Techniques brushes, created by the well-known Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo.

   Basically, every single brush is made out of synthetic fibres so you can play with every texture with ease and über quickly. This is also great if you're standing against cruelty towards animals as far as beauty products are concerned (honestly, I try to be as much as I can... but if I really like something, I'm afraid that I won't take that fact into consideration and will buy the product anyway. Feel free to tell me your opinion about beauty products that are cruelty free, do you care?). The brushes are extremely lightweight so if you have to travel with them (which you can since each kit is sent into his own brush case), you won't feel burdened by a ton of heavy brushes.

   I'm truly in love with these brushes. To give you an example, the quality is as good as high-end brands brushes such as MAC... but you can buy from three to five Real Techniques brushes for the price of a single one at MAC... interesting huh?

   So, I strongly recommend these brushes to you. The pricetag is great and the quality is perfection, with these brushes, you will be able to achieve some gorgeous looks! :)

   Here are some links where you can actually buy the brushes :

   Tell me, what brushes do you use on a regular basis?

   Talk to you soon! :)

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